Chicago Blackhawks Find a Unique Way to Say Thanks to Moms

By Kelsey Meyer
Moms out on the Road with Blackhawks
Robert Mayer- USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night the Chicago Blackhawks brought more than just their game faces to the BB&T Center for their matchup against the Florida Panthers. They brought their moms.

It may seem like the 2013 Stanley Cup Champions were transported back to the days of pee-wee hockey as their moms accompanied them on the second annual trip organized by the Blackhawks organization. The players may have been reminded of the days when their moms undoubtedly turned into Spartan warriors once their sons hit the ice (hockey players, you know what I’m talking about). However, the Blackhawks organization utilized this as a time to express their thanks and appreciation for the sacrifice these moms have made over the years that has contributed to their sons’ overall success.

Growing up, my cousins both played hockey until they were high school. I remember every weekend it seemed like there was a tournament they were being carted off to and my aunt could always be found in the stands. She sacrificed her life during hockey season, all in the name of success for her kids.

While neither of my cousins made it to the NHL, a mom’s level of dedication scores evenly across the boards. Assistant Captain, Duncan Keith, talked about how his mother was a nurse when he was growing up. She would take him to hockey practice at 6am, watch for half an hour and then head in to work.

Forward Ben Smith best answers the question of why the Blackhawks put together a moms trip when he said, “Without them, this wouldn’t be possible.”

The Blackhawks have done a great thing by bringing their moms out on the road to see what life is really like. Most organizations within the NHL set up dads trips, while few, if any, do moms trips. These trips are a great way to show appreciation for the sacrifice these parents have made, and maybe we will see an influx of moms out on the road over the next few years.

The moms will be with the Blackhawks once again tonight as they take on the Tampa Bay Lighting, before heading home to Chicago to face the Minnesota Wild on Saturday.

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