Philadelphia Flyers Shake Up Line Combinations In An Attempt To Generate Offense Against New York Rangers

By Ryan Wenzell
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers  have had a week off. A week to sit and stew on what so far, has been a disastrous season; their 1-7 start is their worst in franchise history. Making matters worse, they can’t seem to buy a goal right now.

Not a lot of finishers are on the Flyers’ roster right now, however, elping the cause is Vincent Lecavalier‘s return from injury to the lineup. Lecavalier will be paired on the first line tonight with Claude Giroux; this makes a ton of sense. Lecavalier may be the Flyers’ most gifted goal scorer, which isn’t saying much right now. We all know how good a playmaker Giroux is at making deft and precise passes and feeding his goal scoring wingers.

New head coach Craig Berube is open to just about anything at this point to get the Flyers out of their offensive funk. They are in a major goal scoring drought, there’s no doubt about it, as they have still yet to score three goals in a game eight games into the season. Historically, these are bad numbers.

That is the anemic offense we are dealing with. Many Flyers fans expected more shake ups within the organization in the week off, whether it be a major trade for an offensive contributor or another firing, such as getting rid of GM Paul Holmgren.

This never came to be, however. The biggest shake up came in the tinkering of the first line and Lecavalier’s return from injury. Let’s hope this is enough for the Flyers to finally break out of their offensive slump against the New York Rangers.

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