New Jersey Devils Reveals Weakness After Yet Another Loss

By Aydin Reyhan
NJ Devils
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

After being crushed in Ohio against the Columbus Bluejackets on Tuesday night, the New Jersey Devils ended up losing on home ice yet again after an overtime loss after the shootout.

The misery seems to be endless for this hockey team.

The goal tending is not too bad at home as they are only losing by one or two goals tops but the fact of the matter is this: they can not consistently keep on scoring three or four goals each game to build any sort of momentum. This is starting to become a big problem and if a solid goal scorer is not either brought up within the team or brought in from elsewhere, the team can be heading for some real trouble.

Adam HenriquePatrick Elias and the other Devils are simply unable to find that same winning spirit that they literally lived in a couple of seasons ago. They play so well for the majority of the game but they still have the same old style of sitting back ad hoping to hit on the counter. Teams will not be biting too much on that mentality as attacking is exactly what wins games. Until the kids in red realize that, things may not be going their way for quite a while.

The funny thing is that the Vancouver Canucks defeated the Devils by the same score line on October 8. They were outplayed in that game and deservedly lost. They are not as talented as Vancouver on paper and unfortunately for them, it has carried right onto the ice.

Something has to give sooner rather than later because these guys are about to disappoint their organization and beloved fans by missing out on the postseason for the second year running. Maybe they will fire their head coach and replace him. But honestly, as harsh as that may be, it may be the answer.

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