The New York Rangers Do Not Have The Depth To Compete For Anything

By Steven Carollo
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

When New York Rangers‘ forwards Rick NashRyan Callahan and Carl Hagelin were all going to be out of the lineup for the back end of the team’s brutal nine-game road trip due to injuries, we Rangers’ fans had a feeling that it was not going to be pretty. Unfortunately, not only hasn’t it been pretty but it has been vile and disgusting, and I am not just talking about the Rangers 2-6 record.

Besides their record, the Rangers lack of effort, heart, urgency and depth at forward is not only atrocious but also disgraceful. The lack of depth purely falls on the shoulders of GM Glen Sather. One of your main jobs as a GM is to get as much depth as possible to accommodate your “stars” in order to remain competitive when there are injuries. I say when because this is hockey and there will always be injuries on every team. The sheer fact that the Rangers have had a lack of depth at forward and an inability to score for years now under Sather’s watch is unbelievable. How he is still the GM of this team is simply remarkable. One good season since 2000 does not impress anyone at all, but as long as owner James Dolan knows nothing about hockey, Sather will be in charge as long as he wants to.

Now while depth is a big part of any hockey team, effort, heart and urgency are also key and for this I have to put the blame on both head coach Alain Vigneault and the players. As a head coach, your job is to instruct and motivate your team and through eight games he seems to do none of that. For eight games now, we have watched the vast majority of players on this team skate around like chickens with their heads cut off. Slow and heartless chickens and for that you have to blame the players as well. No matter how great of a coach you are, you cannot teach heart and right now this team just has none.

If they do then it’s beating just as slow as their legs are moving.

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