NHL Rumors: Have Edmonton Oilers Explored A Blockbuster Trade?

By Randy Holt
Nail Yakupov
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s one team that you could look at as a club that will make a major trade at some point during the season, whether early on or when the trade deadline rolls around, it’s the Edmonton Oilers. Already in the middle of rumors surrounding Nail Yakupov, it seems like only a matter of time before the Oilers pull the trigger on a potential deal.

In fact, it appears that the Oilers have already explored at least one major trade here early on in the season. Of course, it does involve Yakupov, and in perhaps even less surprising news, it also involves the Oilers exploring a deal to acquire help for the blue line. More specifically, the Oilers have reportedly toyed around with the possibility of sending Yakupov to the Winnipeg Jets.

We’re not exactly sure what the specifics of the deal would be, outside of the centerpieces. Going to Winnipeg in the move would be Yakupov, while the Jets would send back defenseman Zach Bogosian in the deal. There would likely be other pieces involved, but those two are the focal points of the deal.

For the Jets, it would add some potential star power up front and an impact player on offense, which they could use. More importantly for the Oilers, though, it would give them the potential no. 1 defenseman that they so covet. Bogosian is still very young, and has tremendous upside as the total package as a defenseman.

It would have been interesting to see how the rest of this trade would have shaken out, and what other types of pieces may have been involved. Again, though, we don’t know how far talks actually got between the two sides, or even if it was simply a matter of the two teams throwing some names around.

It does add some intrigue, however, and just adds to the potential that the Oilers will make a significant move to acquire some blue line help before long. Will the two sides revisit this deal later on in the season, and maybe pull the trigger on an in season blockbuster trade? Stay tuned.

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