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5 Boston Bruins’ Players Fans Expect More From

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5 players Boston Bruins fans expect more from

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The Boston Bruins are off to a great start. There is no denying the Bruins are among the elite in the NHL, probably in the top five. The Bruins have played in enough games for us to be able to tell who has under preformed and who has over performed. The Bruins have four solid lines and can come at you at waves. Five players that may not be meeting expectations for Bruins fans may me a top-six player on other teams, which shows how deep the Bruins are and how well the organization has been run the past few years.

Tuukka Rask has earned his contract so far this season, and while Jarome Iginla started off slow in the point department, he was the ultimate pro in the early going this season. The biggest surprise has been Milan Lucic. I sure didn't see the point production coming, but he has been an absolute stud early on this season.

With every player who over performs, you always have a few that just haven’t met expectations for whatever reason. Maybe it’s an injury, maybe its just being out of shape, maybe it’s just not caring. Whatever the reason, there are always a few, and it can hurt good teams down the stretch. Players go hot and cold all the time. Sometimes it’s just the way the puck bounces. The players listed are all expected to have quick turn arounds and help this team make a deep run into the playoffs.

If the Bruins could get the following players going, they will be in tremendous shape headed into the All--Star game and with enough cushion to enjoy the second half of the season before the playoffs.

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Chad Johnson

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Chad Johnson has yet to play in enough games this season to truly determine how he will preform, but if Claude Julien has yet to start him more than once, shouldn't that tell fans something?

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Carl Soderberg

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Injuries have prevented Carl Soderberg from reaching his true potential so far this year.

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Dougie Hamilton

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Dougie Hamilton was on a tear during the regular season last year. This year he has been aggressive and pinched at opportune times, but the point production just isn't there yet.

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David Krejci

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David Krejci just doesn't have the point production. He is way too good to not be more impactful earlier in the season.

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Brad Marchand

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What happened to the face washing? The timely goals? Being the pest that fans have come to love? Brad Marchand just has not been himself this year. When he finally gets going, watch out.