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5 Teams That Will Threaten Boston Bruins in Playoffs

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5 teams that will threaten the Boston Bruins in the Playoffs

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The Boston Bruins should be in the Stanley Cup Finals or at least close to it at the end of the season. There is absolutely no reason outside of major injuries that the Bruins shouldn't be. They are a better team then last year, they have youth and they have experience. How can you not like the Bruins in the East when its all said and done? They have the goaltending, the team camaraderie and most importantly, the experience to get them through the grueling NHL playoffs.

If the Bruins don't make a run in the playoffs, I would be absolutely shocked. I think I would be more disappointed than when my bubble gum loses flavor and I don't have another piece to supplement it. They are just too good, to well-coached, and just to experienced for them not to. Not to mention players like Jarome Iginla are finally coming around and throwing up points to match their work ethic. Give me some guys that want to bang in the corner and play disciplined hockey with a great goaltender, I'll show you a team ready to compete.

With all of that said, the Bruins are going to come across some teams in the playoffs that very well could threaten another run at a shot at the Stanley Cup. The league has more parity in it, and as teams get younger and faster, the chance to go home early is always there.

The Bruins may be there own worst enemy, especially after the All-Star break. If the Bruins decide to coast, then it could very well hurt their momentum in the playoffs and hurt their chances of winning another Stanley cup.

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Montreal Canadiens

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The Montreal Canadiens are young, they are fast and seem to go home early every year because of the Boston Bruins. Revenge will be on their minds all season.

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Pittsburgh Penguins

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The Pittsburgh Penguins are legit. Their goaltending has gotten better and players like Sindey Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are still on the roster.

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Toronto Maple Leafs

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have gotten better and have added players like David Clarkson and Jonothan Bernier. Look for them to contend. They took the Boston Bruins to seven games last year before literally throwing it away.

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Detroit Red Wings

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The Detroit Red Wings are experienced and are built for the playoffs. They play the Boston Bruins' style of hockey. Watch out if this matchup happens, and expect a heck of a series.

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Washington Capitals

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The Washington Capitals are playing better and Braden Holtby has proven himself to be a big-game goaltender. Oh yeah, they have this guy Alexander Ovechkin on the team, as well.