Boston Bruins Play Better When They Get Under Opponent's Skin

By Tony Tranghese
“Charles LeClaire- USA TODAY Sports”

The Boston Bruins play better when they get under the opposing team’s skin. Why would they scale back from this? They should get into the corner pin them against the wall and absolutely smother them against the boards until they turn around in frustration and make a mistake. It seems like a no-brainer. They have done this so well for so long. It’s the game plan that has helped them reach the NHL elite.

The Bruins are physical, but I have yet to see them really mix it up this year. Brad Marchand has been nonexistent this season and the Bruins have been overly professional early on. While most of these games are divisional, I think it’s time the Bruins mix it up a little, especially in games against top-10 teams. They should put their stamp on it early — let them know they are here to play the big bad Bruins and that they are not going anywhere all season long.

The Bruins have been smart so far on when to pick their spots, but I don’t want to see them stray too far away from the Big Bad Bruins mentality. The Bruins organization has been built off of it. It’s not just the fighting and the penalties. It’s the take-no-prisoners attitude that leaves teams lining up against you to think twice about mixing it up.

As the Bruins play these younger, tougher teams, its going to be essential make them remember why the Bruins are the big dog on the block.

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