Jarome Iginla Is Due For Boston Bruins

By Tony Tranghese
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Look for Jarome Iginla to start getting hot for the Boston Bruins. Iginla has done all of the dirty work, grinding in the corners, fighting and penalty killing. Now it looks as if he’s going to be rewarded. The puck has finally started to bounce Iginla’s way, and it is starting to pay off for the Bruins as the puck is starting to find the back of the net.

Iginla has started to put up points and if you believe in feast or famine, then you know he is due. He should be ready to sit down and have a feast of epic proportions. He is playing with a well-rounded balanced team with players who can score all over the ice. It’s not just assists either. Look for Iginla to start scoring in bunches. This may be the stretch of the season where Iginla starts to go off, and the Bruins could certainly use it.

They have historically spread the puck around, having multiple scorers instead of one go-to guy. If Iginla is able to give that to the Bruins, I’m sure fans in Boston can forgive him for not choosing to play here last year.

I was skeptical of Iginla playing with Milan Lucic and David Krejci, but the way Lucic has started the season has left zero doubt that Iginla should be on that line. Even if Iginla’s point production isn’t there, it looks like Lucic’s is going to be, which is an added bonus for a Bruins team that doesn’t have that one go-to goal scorer.

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