Philadelphia Flyers Are Making Too Many Bad Decisions

By Deanna Vasso
flyers still sucks
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The Philadelphia Flyers continue to struggle on the ice for a lot of reasons. A perpetually-injured defense is one obvious reason, and we already know that their offense is failing, but what are the other reasons that the Flyers have sucked in the month of October?

The Flyers have been improving a bit on their penalty minutes, as they didn’t play too bad in that sense in their game on Tuesday. However, it’s definitely something that has held them back all month long. A majority of their games they have struggled because they have spent it on the penalty kill trying to make up for their earlier mistakes. When the team plays short handed, it creates less offensive chances, as they have to make sure their opponents do not get the upper hand. The Flyers have been letting their opponents get too many opportunities to do that, but there seems like they are showing a bit of an improvement.

Where the Flyers are not showing any sort of improvement is in their turnovers and giveaways. Flyers fans used to call ex-Flyers defenseman Matt Carle “Turnover Carle”, but maybe it wasn’t just him. In their game against the Anaheim Ducks they had 16 giveaways/takeaways, when the Ducks had only 6. This is probably one of the main reasons that the Ducks were able to best the Flyers on Tuesday night.

It’s not just a matter of the Flyers giving their opponents too many scoring chances with so many turnovers, but the fact that they still are not playing a full 60 minutes. They have had games where they have been strong early on, but midway the game they just tank it.

If the Flyers want to succeed in November, they need to fix these mistakes.

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