Boston Bruins: Comparing Jordan Caron and Ryan Spooner

By Tony Tranghese
Bruce Fedyck- USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Spooner looks good. Then again, so did Jordan Caron in his first few games. These guys always look good in their first few games with the Boston Bruins. Third line players who are apparently expendable and completely interchangeable. After watching the Bruins so far this season it’s no surprise that whoever gets plugged into that line goes 110 percent and then slowly fades out. It’s like oh hey here is my opportunity I’m going to take advantage of it but then once I’m a regular I’m going to take a deep breathe and relax.

Caron’s legs looked good at the beginning of the year. He was first to every puck didn’t glide, he looked like he finally came into his own. Claude Julien apparently thought so to until he was left out of the line up for. Spooner has looked good so far against the Anaheim Ducks but again is it sustainable or will he become complacent and just end up being replaced by Caron again?

If either of these guys could score goals or put up points they could cement them selves into this line up and become loved by Bruins fans. Right now it almost feels like each player is getting a look only to up their trade value later in the year the way the Bruins have done with third line players time after time. The Bruins are deep at center but they need to figure out their wings. Loui Eriksson will help sort this out because Spooner and Caron may find themselves out of the line up completely with Brad Marchand slipping back to that third line.


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