Boston Bruins Go About Winning Quietly

By Tony Tranghese
“Bob DeChiara- USA TODAY Sports”

The Boston Bruins go about their business so far under the radar it’s not even funny. The Bruins aren’t flashy, they don’t overly celebrate and most importantly, they handle themselves with class. Its easy to forget that the Bruins are one of the most physical teams in the league and will throw down at the drop of a hat.

With the exception of Brad Marchand, the Bruins don’t have anyone that has really caused any controversy over the past few years. This says a lot about the organization as they are all about winning. The Bruins have already had a few examples this year where they have been able to show restraint to hold back emotions that were surely flowing through their veins.

When the Bruins beat the San Jose Sharks, they won with a second remaining on the clock. There was no huge celebration as if they just won the Cup — they just did their thing.

That’s the spirit of a true champion. You don’t celebrate until you have won. If it’s Stanley Cup or bust this year for the Bruins, the fans are fine with that. It’s just nice to see a team handle themselves with professionalism and class. This was even more evident after John Scott ran over Loui Eriksson and the Bruins had enough common sense to know it wasn’t worth throwing down in that moment in time.

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