Philadelphia Flyers Baffle Fans By Trading Max Talbot

By Deanna Vasso
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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers are doing poorly right now, so it really should not be a surprise that the organization has made a panic trade move. Days following another Flyers loss, the team went for a trade that angered and baffled a lot of fans. The Flyers gave up Max Talbot in exchange for the Colorado Avalanche‘s Steve Downie.

Downie will be a familiar name to fans, as he once wore the Black and Orange and he will do so again. Downie was drafted by the Flyers, so that may play into why they brought him back. This management seems to like bringing back old players, even when it makes no sense. The biggest reason why this doesn’t make sense is because it is not really clear where the rightwing will fit. Downie’s not a third or fourth line guy, so who’s going to get switched around to make room for him?

One of the other reasons it’s a bizarre move is because Downie has been playing well on the rightwing with Matt Duchene in Colorado. Adding another center in Talbot doesn’t really seem like their best option right now. So, why even do this trade? Because the Flyers organization is really dumb.

Talbot leaving is also going to put a strain on the team’s penalty kill. While Talbot has not been posting many points in only 11 games, he has been pretty solid on the penalty kill. So, will Downie replace him in that sense? I highly doubt it. This move was yet another panic move by the Flyers because they were losing again.

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