Boston Bruins Are Terrible in Back-to-Back Games

By Tony Tranghese
“Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports”

So the Boston Bruins are going to suck when playing back-to-back games all season aren’t they? This is getting pretty terrible. The Bruins barely beat the San Jose Sharks and by barely, I mean they didn’t show up to play hockey until the third period and they look terrible against the Anaheim Ducks. Disney on Ice would have more hitting and more energy in the first 20 minutes than the Bruins would have in the first 20 minutes of a Bruins game after playing the night before.

How do you come out flat against top-tier teams? This is ridiculous. It’s like everybody is moving in slow motion like their legs are cemented into the ice and it’s taking every muscle in their body to get going. Ryan Spooner has been the only player with any jump and that’s because he just got called up from the Minors.

I understand that back-to-back games take a lot out of players but get it together; you’re a professional team! Try to get off to a good start for once. The garden is not easy to play in score first for a change and get the building into it. Let the Boston fans do some of the work for you. The fans just came off a World Series win, all they want to do is to continue the celebration and have hope for the Bruins to bring home another championship this year.

On a side note, if you’re not going to score first, at least drop the gloves. Find someone to dance with and get some energy into the building.

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