Why Do the Boston Bruins Still Refuse to Play Chad Johnson?

By Tony Tranghese
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Why do the Boston Bruins refuse to play Chad Johnson? This is so frustrating. It’s back to back games and Tuukka Rask is playing again. Do the Bruins think that little of Johnson? If that’s the case maybe you should have signed Anton Khudobin for the $800,000 he walked to the Carolina Hurricanes for. Maybe then you would have a goalie you only feel comfortable playing.

The Bruins need to figure this one out, and they need to figure it out fast. Why are you going to risk burning out your starting goalie when you have 70 games remaining on the schedule?

The Bruins need Rask for the playoffs; they don’t need to burn him out this early. It’s like sitting down for your favorite dinner and eating it so fast that you don’t even get to enjoy the taste. The taste is the Stanley Cup, Boston. Clean it up and play your backup.

If something happens to Rask the Bruins are going to be in a world of hurt. The fact that the Bruins are not playing Johnson against the Anaheim Ducks is absolutely mind blowing. You just dropped a game in your conference and as much as that sucked it would be better to drop another one to a team from the West than it would be to risk your starting goaltender. Not to mention the Bruins have been terrible in back-to-back games. Their record may be fine, but if they are going to come out as flat as they have and need to rely on their goaltender as much as they have then guess what? They’re in trouble down the stretch.

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