New Jersey Devils Offense Has Worst Game of Year Against Philadelphia Flyers

By Nick Villano
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The New Jersey Devils lost to quite possibly the worst team in the NHL this year.

Coming off a 7-0 loss to the Washington Capitals in which the entire team lost it towards the end, especially goaltender Ray Emery, the Philadelphia Flyers shutout the Devils on their home ice.  The fans should ask for their money back. That was by far their worst performance offensively to date.  To shoot the puck only 14 times the entire game is nothing short of pathetic. They shot the puck three times in the third period when there should have been some sort of intensity and urgency. Instead of intensity, there was lackluster play. After two huge wins against the top of the Atlantic Division, to say this was a let down would be the ultimate understatement.

The worst part about this loss is wasting a great Martin Brodeur game. He stood on his head to give this team a chance at a victory and they did nothing to return that favor. He stopped 20 of 21 shots for one of the best performances he’s had. He stopped the Flyers on all five of their power plays. He handled the puck very well and made great passes. He may well be the best player on the ice tonight. It was all for another notch in the loss column for Brodeur.

The Devils had plenty of chances to put the puck in the net. Michael Ryder hit the post off a superb play by Jaromir Jagr, who was the only good skater for the Devils. Adam Henrique had a great chance in front of the net, but he inexplicably shot it wide. Ryder had another chance off a rebound on the PP that Emery blocked wide. The Devils seemed to pass on good chances trying to get better ones, but ended up with none at all.

You could try to use the excuse that they were missing Patrik Elias and Travis Zajac, but the effort didn’t seem like it was there. The defense made mistakes. The offense did absolutely nothing. The powerplay was terrible. There aren’t enough words in a thesaurus to explain how bad the powerplay was on this night. There was no life to the man advantage. They couldn’t even hold on to the puck during it. After winning games with it, the powerplay lost the game for them tonight.

This loss needs to wake this team up. If it doesn’t, then they need to prepare for a long season. This was a game the Devils should have pounced on.  Instead, they let what should be an inferior team win a big game that could give them confidence going forward. The Devils don’t have much time to think about the loss as they play the Minnesota Wild tomorrow night. They need to play much better if they are going to even have a shot to beat the team that took their captain less than two years ago.

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