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5 Players Carolina Hurricanes Should Seriously Consider Trading

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5 Players Carolina Hurricanes Should Seriously Consider Trading

James Gullory - USA Today Sports

It's gut check time for the Carolina Hurricanes.

While GM Jim Rutherford has a nasty habit of refusing to make trades at crucial moments and the trades he actually puts together make zero sense, changes need to come.

Carolina is sliding further and further down the Metropolitan Division standings, and the stats sheet is beginning to look like an epitaph for a season lost. Many players who need to perform, aren't. Yet on the other hand, there's no reason to make any huge drastic changes like unloading a captain or marquee player. Big name talent doesn't need to leave Raleigh for the team to come around.

There are a handful of quasi-disposable players on the lineup. While some will protest these guys are “developing” and are “the future of the club”, we're not in the future. Those of us in the here and now are fully aware of the talent vacuum forming in Carolina. Some of the under-performing third and fourth line players could very easily become bait for bigger talent. Just like a minnow can catch a bass, these are players that can be sent to teams with room for a developing player in exchange for an already developed player who can contribute today.

Suggesting these players be traded is in no way a condemnation of them as players. Simply put, they are actually good players who could attract much better players. Carolina is in no place to be fostering the future, when the present is a quagmire.

Here are five players the Hurricanes could use to attract talent to change the tides now.

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5. Andrej Sekera

Brace Hemmelgarn - USA Today Sports

Sekera has spent a good portion of his time paired up with the tragically embattled Justin Faulk. While Faulk has been showing signs of coming out of his funk, Sekera has not and is becoming dead weight around Faulk's neck.

Sekera's stats are not altogether awful, but in the meantime he's someone the team could easily lose. Sending him to one of the higher performing teams with defense to spare, like the Boston Bruins, could bring a more consistent defenseman to bring the best out in Faulk.

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4. Riley Nash

Ron Chenoy - USA Today Sports

Somewhere there is a scout with a yellow legal pad marked "Trade Bait", and Riley Nash is near the top of said pad.

The thing with Nash is that he's at the lower end of the performing players. This is actually a good thing when it comes to a trade. A team on the bubble like the Montreal Canadiens or Phoenix Coyotes would jump at the chance to pick up Nash and a draft pick or two for a second line skater.

While Nash could probably help the team out in the long run, whomever he could draw in trade more than likely can help Carolina sooner.

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3. Jay Harrison

Kim Klemment - USA Today Sports

Here's the thing with Jay Harrison -- he's inconsistent.

Harrison has a ton of raw talent that the Hurricanes just don't have the time or need to develop. Again, Carolina is in no position to act as a talent farm. Unloading Harrison for someone else to mentor while bringing in a stronger defenseman with more scoring and less penalty minutes who doesn't need mentoring would create immediate success, thus opening the door to develop players later.

Anyone protesting this trade needs to step forward and look at the more immediate picture. Carolina needs talent and needs it now. Fan favorite or not, Harrison can lure that talent.

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2. Mike Komisarek

James Gullory - USA Today Sports

The argument for trading Mike Komisarek is one sentence long.

He's been a healthy scratch in a bunch of games.

Think of the lineup like apps on your iPhone. When you run out of space, you go through and delete apps. Some of those apps may have been fun at the time, but now you never use them and they're taking up space that could be used for an app you need right now. Komisarek is the unused app on the Hurricanes' iPhone. He may have seemed like a great idea at the time, but now he is taking up space a much better player could occupy.

Adding Komisarek into another trade to sweeten the deal could absolutely bring a higher output skater to Carolina which they need much more.

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1. Drayson Bowman

Brace Hemmelgarn - USA Today Sports

If the situation in Carolina was different (read: better) Drayson Bowman is absolutely a player you hang onto. However the situation is not one that is conducive to keeping Bowman around.

He's another one of those players who needs just a little more time to develop, and unfortunately Carolina doesn't have that kind of time. Anyone who protests this trade needs to answer one simple question: Does the team exist as a training camp or to win Stanley Cups?

Save yourself the time; the latter is correct. Bowman might be a pretty okay player and would develop very nicely on another team. However, Carolina needs more help than he can currently offer. A team with the time and inclination to develop Bowman can easily spare someone who can help immediately. Immediate success can lure much better players in the long run, ultimately solving both problems in one fell swoop.