Fans Expect the Boston Bruins to Start Slow Now

By Tony Tranghese
Brad Penner- USA TODAY Sports

As a Boston Bruins fan the last few weeks I’ve contemplated pulling a Miami Heat and not showing up until the second period. I don’t really see the point seeing as how the Bruins don’t feel like playing hockey until 10 minutes into the second period.

The Bruins come out flat, sloppy, and lazy. This isn’t a one time thing either; this is a consistent problem. It’s like dating the same girl and going to dinner and a movie every time, and every time dinner sucks and the movie is great. Why would you continue to put yourself through it?

The Bruins just don’t seem like they want to be there until they realize they are running out of time. It’s like they go to start their homework every night and realize with 10 minutes left in the third they are going to run out of time and they are going to get yelled at by their parents when the teacher calls and tells them they are procrastinators.  How many times do hockey commentators need to say that Claude Julien is going to give the team an ear full between periods? How many times do you need to get yelled at for the same thing. You’re professionals. Get it together and come out with some passion and some fire. I mean really you’re talented enough to come out and score four in the first period. Do us all a favor; score four and then coast if you want.

If you don’t want to do that throw Shawn Thornton, Gregory Campbell, or Zdeno Chara out there and have them start a fight.

This team is talented, but they have to put 60 minutes of hockey together. Bruins fans are getting really tired of the excuses. We don’t care if it’s back to back games, and we don’t care if you’re tired; we care that you win.

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