Philadelphia Flyers' Goalie Should Have Been Suspended

By Deanna Vasso
emery should have been suspended
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL really made the wrong move this weekend when they failed to give Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ray Emery supplementary discipline after his fight with the Washington CapitalsBraden Holtby.

I like a good goalie fight as much as the next hockey fan, but only when both of the goalies actually want to fight each other. Emery did not care that Holtby had no desire to fight him, and went for it not caring about the consequences and he pummeled his unwilling rival. That’s the problem with this situation, Emery did not care or think about why this was wrong to do; he just wanted to fight someone.

If two guys want to go and they both drop the gloves, then let them have at it, but when it’s clear one player is being ambushed, that’s when the referees really need to step in. Usually referees try to stop fights immediately, but the one on the ice on Friday seemed to just let the fight go on longer than it needed to be. In a league that is constantly questioning every little move on the ice, how was that allowed to happen? Better yet, why was Emery not called into a disciplinary hearing at all?

Emery’s actions here were unacceptable, but the league has done nothing to show why that is, and they blamed the rulebook not having a specific rule about this as their reason why he was not punished. Since this incident, there has been a lot of talk that the league is considering implementing a “Ray Emery Rule” which would give a goaltender a 10-game suspension if they leave their crease.

It’s not really about the fact the Emery left his crease, it’s about the fact that he skated down the ice to take on a opponent, who had no desire to fight him.

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