Contribution From Unlikely Source Leads To New Jersey Devils' Win

By Nick Villano
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Brodeur had a shutout.

That may be one of the most common phrases heard by New Jersey Devils fans. To be exact, this was his 122nd shutout of his career. Brodeur playing well is something that fans have gotten used to over his career. What they aren’t used to, however, is where the offensive production came from on Thursday night.

Cam Janssen has been an on again off again Devil for a while now.  He has played 312 games in his career coming into tonight’s game, and he has scored a total of three goals in that time. He clearly is not used for his skill with the shot; he hasn’t even shot the puck 100 times throughout the parts of eight years. He was recalled from Albany by the Devils to play on Thursday night with the many injuries they are dealing with.

Janssen scored against the Philadelphia Flyers, and by his reaction, you could tell he doesn’t get many. He was one of two deflection goals that gave the Devils a 3-0 win (Jaromir Jagr scored an empty net goal with less than two seconds left for the third goal). Janssen scored off of an Adam Larsson shot, who is, himself, trying to play out of an early season slump; the other deflection goal came off the stick of Adam Henrique from a Eric Gelinas shot.

This is how the Devils are going to need to score their goals for the rest of the season. It doesn’t matter how dirty they look, a win is a win and a goal is a goal. Outside of Patrik Elias, Michael Ryder and Jagr, the team is struggling to get shots inside the defenders. If they can get the shots from the point to go in, then they will be well on their way. That is exactly what happened tonight against the Flyers.

Nick Villano is the New Jersey Devils writer for Rant Sports.  He also contributes to their NFL and MLB content.  You can follow him on Twitter for more sports jargon.

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