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New York Rangers Should Look Into Acquiring Buffalo Sabres’ Steve Ott And Matt Moulson

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The good news about Rick Nash is that reports have recently surfaced that he has been skating on his own, which is definitely a step forward. The bad news is that he is still on a week-to-week basis on when he will indeed return to the New York Rangers.

Because of Nash still recovering from a concussion he suffered in the Rangers’ third game of the season, I think the Rangers should go out and get another goal scorer for insurance. Also, even when Nash was healthy and in the Rangers lineup, the team always seemed to lack toughness, which is why I think the Rangers should also look into acquiring an enforcer, but a wise one at that.

Now the Buffalo Sabres are a team that is currently sitting at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with seven points on the season through 18 games and more than likely are expected not to move from that spot this year. The Sabres organization expects this and is why they are looking to stock up on draft picks and rebuild. I feel the Rangers need to take advantage of the Sabres current situation and send them a young player, like Michael Del Zotto, and draft picks so that the Blueshirts can fill their void with a goal scorer and a enforcer to add more scoring depth and toughness to the Rangers lineup in acquiring both Matt Moulson and Steve Ott sooner rather than later.

Moulson is not only a proven goal scorer, a three-time 30-goal scorer in the NHL, but also has a strong work ethic, unlike Nail Yakupov, which is why I was against those rumors of the Rangers looking to trade for him. Ott is not only an enforcer but also a leader on the ice and can score anywhere from 10-20 goals a season to boot. In my opinion, if the Rangers can go out and add both Moulson and Ott, I think the Rangers could be a big threat in the Eastern Conference and actually be considered a serious contender throughout the league.

Steven Carollo is a New York Rangers’ and sports writer for Follow him on Twitter, add him on Facebook, connect with him on LinkedIn and join his Google network.

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