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5 Best Players On Chicago Blackhawks’ Roster This Season

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Chicago Blackhawks: 5 Best Players This Season

Chicago Blackhawks
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The Chicago Blackhawks are heading into a whirlwind of gameplay over the remainder of the month of November. I realized that I tend to talk a lot about individual players as they emerge as assets to the team. All the while, I did little to give any form of even an arbitrary ranking of these players.

It is unique to the Blackhawks that the star players from last season might not necessarily be the players that we are cheering on this season. That being said, there are still a great deal of skaters whom could be recognized for their contributions thus far this season. So naturally, it was hard to decide which players to include and which players to exclude. I could have honestly found something productive to say about each member of the Chicago roster. So, instead I decided to trim the criteria down a bit.

Which players have shown the most improvement since the beginning of the season? Which players have stepped up to take aggressive action in propelling the Hawks to victory? Which players do we assume, that once they hit they ice, will be the most likely to make something happen? Which players do we hear about most often during post-game? Which players are the greatest movers and shakers for the Hawks so far this season?

With that in mind, I established five names of those players which have been stand out players for me thus far this season. This is by no means a conclusive, end all list of the best Blackhawks players. I still think the whole team is their own greatest asset. But when you take a closer look at the game action, there are clear leaders that emerge, and those leaders deserve recognition for their efforts.

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5. Brandon Pirri

Chicago Blackhawks
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The Blackhawks gave Brandon Pirri a chance to get out of Rockford early in the season. Initially, he faced little ice time, but when he was able to skate, skate he did. Pirri has been working at the No. 2 center position for the Hawks, and has been doing his best to show that he deserves the post. Pirri has a bright future ahead, as he is a player that stands out almost every game and works well with the roster.

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4. Patrick Kane

Chicago Blackhawks
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While Patrick Kane remains the boy-wonder of the Blackhawks, he seems almost quiet in the offseason. It is almost as if you do not realize he has racked up a number of goals until all of a sudden it happens. I think this is mostly because Kane is so talented that we expect big numbers from him. The fact that he is still delivering on those expectations this season marks him as a clear leader for the Hawks.

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3. Jonathan Toews

Chicago Blackhawks
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Captain Serious spends a lot of his time looking stoic out on the ice and doing his best to lead and guide the Blackhawks as he has done for the last few years now. He is the only player this season with a hat trick on the books, and he is constantly the picture of good sportsmanship. Jonathon Toews also seems to have more and more power behind his skating and increased accuracy behind his puck handling with each new season. Not only is he the captain, he is a definite leader in Chicago.

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2. Patrick Sharp

Chicago Blackhawks
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I know I detailed my irritation with the general public regarding the unwarranted criticism of Patrick Sharp just recently, but this guys is on fire; he is an all around great asset to the Hawks. Sharpie was one of the first offensive players to really find his stride again after the season resumed in October. He continues to impress out on the ice, and continues to show that nothing is slowing him down.

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1. Marian Hossa

Chicago Blackhawks
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Marian Hossa has come back from a nasty back injury that left him out of a great deal of action last season. While he hasn’t missed a single game in regular season, he did miss the entire exhibition schedule.

Naturally, it would be understandable for him to take a bit longer to skate at his best. But no one expected that when he hit that point, he would end up being the Hawks’ most clutch player. Hossa is there to block shots, to assist and, most importantly, to score. He is great all over the ice, and like a few others that have been mentioned, he is looking stronger than ever and ready to continue dominating this season.