Philadelphia Flyers Player Of The Week: Scott Hartnell

By Deanna Vasso
scott hartnell player of the week
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Although Claude Giroux has finally broken his scoring drought, he is not the Philadelphia Flyers player of the week. Neither is Steve Mason, although the goalie has really come into his own so far this season. Instead, the surprising recipient this week is Scott Hartnell.

Like most of the team, Hartnell has been struggling this season. However, Hartnell made a quick fix to break the Flyers curse, and it seems to have worked…well slightly. Hartnell, seeing that things were going bad, decided to cut off his trademark long curly hair. It’s not the first time he’s done it, but sometimes making a small change can have a huge affect on a player’s game.

Hartnell scored the game changing goal in the Flyers game against the Carolina Hurricanes last Tuesday. That goal really turned around the game. Unfortunately, the Flyers lost in overtime, but the effort from Hartnell was huge for the team. In the Flyers matinee victory over the Edmonton Oilers, Hartnell was a key contributor to the game. Hartnell scored the second Flyers goal, which helped the Flyers gain the lead they needed to go on to win the game.

Hartnell has his moments, and in Philadelphia we like him better when he’s up, but he’s one of those players that still knows how to have fun with the game. Hartsy has a big heart and is just one cool dude, so it’s nice to see him starting to score goals again. Hopefully, him and the rest of the team are finally getting their act together.

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