Chicago Blackhawks' Andrew Shaw Has Big Reason to Celebrate

By Kelsey Meyer
Andrew Shaw has a reason to be excited
David Banks- USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks have no shortage of grit lining their roster. But I don’t think any of the players are as tough and relentless as Andrew Shaw.

I would call Shaw’s saga a Cinderella story of sorts. He was basically at the bottom of the barrel during the 2011 NHL Draft where he was a fifth-round selection. Since then, he has proved to be an abrasive and commanding force out on the ice.

So far this season, Shaw has put up four goals and seven assists, with three goals and three assists coming out of the Blackhawks’ last six games.

He is a commanding presence on and off of the ice. He has a relentless and abrasive style all his own. He is an intense skater and an intimidating force out on the ice.

Lucky for him, that abrasive style is paying off, to the tune of a reportedly $4 million contract extension with the Blackhawks’ franchise.

Not bad for an athlete most people thought wouldn’t get very far.

Shaw commented that, “Being passed over twice in the draft, it always pushed me to prove everyone wrong, I guess.”

And prove them wrong he has. The moment that I feel most embodies the spirit of Shaw was last year during the Stanley Cup playoffs when early on in game play he took a puck to the face. That moment is forever embodied by the photographs of Shaw hoisting the Cup over his head in victory, as blood ran down his face. He went back out onto the ice after being stitched up and played to victory.

He played every regular season game last season and has skated in all 18 games so far this season. He has established himself as a core part of the Blackhawks’ lineup, and has become a reliable source of production out on the ice.

All this, in summation, indicates that Shaw is well worth the two-year extension, and it was a great decision on the part of the Blackhawks’ organization to keep him around and show him that he is an important asset to the team.

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