Boston Bruins: Goals Aren't Coming, But Wins Are

By Tony Tranghese
Bob DeChiara- USA TODAY Sports

If Steven Stamkos doesn’t get hurt, do the Boston Bruins win their last game and do they even score a goal? Probably, but only because they don’t decide to play until the third period. I’ve only said that hundreds of times so far this year, and shame on me for not listening to myself.

Vegas had the over/under set at five for the last two Bruins games and for some reason, I continue to think that the over is the smart play. Why? I have no idea. The Bruins have only put up more than three on the board once in the past few games, and that was against a terrible Florida Panthers team. Not to mention, Tuukka Rask has a goals against average under two for the entire year.

If it’s goals that you’re looking for, the Bruins are not the team to watch. In fact, you may want to watch a New York Islanders, San Jose Sharks or Pittsburgh Penguins game for that. Let’s be real — the Bruins are just not going to give you that this year, but they will give you wins. So pick your poison. Would you prefer goals and beating Vegas at the over/under instead?

I’ll take wins. So will the city of Boston. If you haven’t been able to tell, watching player celebrations may be better than winning the championship itself. We can thank Mike Napoli, Brad Marchand and even Tyler Seguin for keeping Boston fans entertained during the last two celebrations in the city.

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