Steven Stamkos Quietly Led The Tampa Bay Lightning Under The Radar

By Tony Tranghese
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Stamkos is the heart and soul of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and his broken tibia not only affects them on the ice, but it also shed some light on well the Lightning were able to fly under the radar. Did anyone else realize they were among the top in the east?

Before the Lightning came into Boston, I had no idea they were among the top teams in the east. I know Stamkos and Martin St. Louis could put up fantasy numbers, but I really thought that was about it. I was probably being ignorant like the rest of league when thinking this but now that Stamkos is gone, I can’t help but think the Lightning will slide back down the table and be bottom-feeders by the time Stamkos comes back.

Quiet frankly, I didn’t think a team with Andres Lindback could be among one of the top teams anywhere. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just well no one in the north east pays any attention to hockey in Florida or well, anywhere else for that matter — because we are selfish. I know there some legitimate teams in the west, but the games are late and they play a very different style of hockey.

It’s good for teams like Tampa to be relevant in the NHL. I just hope that without Stamkos, the Lightning can hold their own until he comes back. I don’t know if there is one team in the league that has more faith put into one player besides the Washington Capitals, but that’s just because they let Alexander Ovechkin do whatever he wants.

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