Upcoming Schedule For Rest Of Novemeber Could Be Brutal For New York Rangers

By Steven Carollo
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It was not a must-win game against the New Jersey Devils last night for the New York Rangers, but when you look at the next few games on their schedule, you can certainly make the case otherwise.

Not that the Devils are an easy team to beat, but they were probably the easiest out of this four-game stretch. The Rangers will next face the Montreal Canadiens in Montreal, where it seems as if the last time the Rangers won was in Game 1 of the 1979 Stanley Cup Finals. After that, the Rangers go back home for two, but they are playing the Los Angeles Kings and Boston Bruins.

The Rangers did beat the Kings in the second game of this 2013-14 season, but you have to figure that the Kings remember that and will come out strong against a tired Rangers group, since the game against the Kings is just one day after the Rangers play the Canadiens.  And who could forget the Bruins, who eliminated the Rangers in five games pretty easily in the second round of last years’ playoffs.

I can easily see the Rangers being on a four-game losing streak and if that is the case, then this team will be in serious trouble.

Right after they face the Bruins, the Rangers go on a five-game road trip where they will face the Dallas Stars, Nashville Predators, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers and the Bruins. Now one would probably say “So what? That isn’t bad. The Rangers should go 4-1 or 3-2 in those five.” Well, the key word in that sentence is should, and with the Rangers performing awfully on the road going back to last season, I can definitely see some big letdown games.

The Stars are 8-7-2, so they are no slouch, and the Predators are struggling right now but are still 8-8-2. The Panthers aren’t good, but always play the Rangers tough like they did just a couple of games ago … and the Bruins are the Bruins.

The month of November started off so well for the Rangers but could potentially end in a disaster.

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