New Jersey Devils: Did Martin Brodeur Pull Starting Role From Cory Schneider?

By Nick Villano
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Who gives the New Jersey Devils the best chance to win on any given night? This seems like it is going to be a season-long topic.

Luckily, unlike in the beginning of the year, both goaltenders are playing very well as of late. Martin Brodeur said on October 23 that Cory Schneider was the Devils’ starting goalie to stay. He claimed that head coach Peter DeBoer felt he gave them the best chance to win, and Brodeur almost seemed okay with that. Since then, Brodeur has been possibly the best goalie in the NHL.

He has played six games since he made those comments. In those six games, Brodeur has allowed seven goals. He has undoubtedly shown that he has the ability to take over a game even at 40-years old. Schneider hasn’t necessarily been bad, but Brodeur has just been better.

So where do the Devils go from here? They should obviously go with the hot hand for now, but what happens when Brodeur has that inevitable bad game? It happens to everybody, and it will eventually happen to him. Do they continue this carousel for the rest of this season without committing to a full-time starter?

It is  a situation that usually warrants controversy. Schneider already played in a similar situation when he had to fight for playing time on the Vancouver Canucks. He didn’t seem to totally enjoy the situation when he was there, but maybe it will be better knowing he is the future in New Jersey.

The Devils only have Schneider for the next two seasons. They have said they want to lock him down for the long term, but will another situation where he could be relegated to the backup hurt the team’s chances?

With the season still so early, it can be easy to get caught up in these kinds of storylines. There are still 64 games this season to figure out who the 2013-14 starting goalie will be for the long term. For the short term, just enjoy this great run that Brodeur is having. Pretty soon, we won’t be able to see him on the ice at all.

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