Boston Bruins: David Krejci was Named Assistant Captain to Lead By Example

By Tony Tranghese
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

David Krejci was apparently given the assistant captain “A” because the Boston Bruins wanted him to lead by example. I’m sorry, but if this story is true how can you justify making a guy a leader if he doesn’t already naturally do it? I didn’t realize you need an “A” on your chest to go out and give 100 percent

That seems kind of backwards. If I was the coach I would want a guy who didn’t need to be told to step up. A leader just does it. He knows what needs to be done and finds a way to do it. I realize that the theory the Bruins have tried has clearly worked. Krejci has points in all but four games this season, but it just seems backwards.

Krejci is an excellent character guy, he’s unselfish, and plays a very finesse style of hockey. I have no doubt players go to him in the locker room, but I just disagree with the way the Bruins decided to give him the alternate “A”.

You can tell that the Bruins know that Krejci is important to their lineup and to the guys in the locker room. Last night when he took that hit from behind both Milan Lucic and Jarome Iginla rushed over and got in the face of anyone who was involved in the incident. Iginla and Krejci are both two tough players and maybe some of the more finesse guys wouldn’t have reacted that way, but the fact that they did shows the character of the Bruins and the importance of David Krejci.

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