Boston Bruins: Milan Lucic Only Uses Snap Shot on Breakaway

By Tony Tranghese
“Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports”

Milan Lucic does the same thing every time he gets a breakaway. It’s like no one in the NHL watches game film. Lucic takes a snap shot on a break away nine out of 10 times. The worst part about it. It goes in the back of the net probably six out of 10.

I get it. I’m a Boston Bruins fan. I want them to win no matter what. I just cannot believe that goaltenders have yet to pick up on this. I get it; Lucic is a big dude. He’s not really a finesse player. Actually, he’s more like a bull in a china shop. It is why Bruins fans love him. Lucic is the definition of a blue-collar player. He gets into the corners, moves his legs and he fights for every puck. Lucic’s eight goals really are just a bonus to his style of play.

NHL coaches need to get it together and have their players start to watch film. It’s not rocket science, Lucic loves the snap shot. It’s also no secret that Patrice Bergeron loves to try and deke the goalie out of his pads and tuck it inside the post. You know how I know this? He does it in every game I watch. He does it on a breakaway; he does it in shoot outs; he does it all the time. When Tyler Seguin used to shoot in the shootout, he at least used to switch it up. Seguin would sometimes deke and other times it would be a quick snapper. Either way, the ambiguity made it a lot harder for a goaltender to prepare.

Everyone in the NHL knows the Bruins are going to play tight games. I would think any little bit of help you could get, you would jump on. I guess not.

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