New York Rangers Must Get At Least One Point In Montreal

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
New York Rangers
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

To say the New York Rangers struggle against the Montreal Canadiens would be a drastic understatement. The Rangers just can’t beat the Canadiens. It is that simple.

The Rangers have not scored a goal against the Canadiens in the last nine periods they have played against them. To make matters even worse they physically can’t win a game in Montreal. The New York Daily News had some insane stats about the Rangers’ struggles in Montreal. They have not won a game there since 2009, and since that win they have lost eight straight games in Montreal in which they have been outscored 30-7. Over the past two seasons the Rangers have been outscored 14-1 in Montreal.

Henrik Lundqvist has struggled mightily in Montreal as well. This might have been a main factor as to why the Rangers are starting Cam Talbot over Lundqvist on Saturday. The Rangers have to find a way to get a point out of this game. I have a strange feeling that the Rangers are going to see the Canadiens in the playoffs this year when both teams make it. To get a win against the Canadiens on their ice would be huge for the Rangers’ confidence. Heck even just getting the game into overtime would be an accomplishment. The Rangers are a faster team than they were when they first faced the Canadiens this year. The speed on both teams is outstanding so I expect the game to be a track meet.

The Rangers have to find a way to get some points against the Canadiens; it’s that simple. They blew a chance to get a point against the New Jersey Devils in their last game so this is a big test for the Rangers to see where they are at right now.

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