Boston Bruins: Comparing Loui Eriksson and Tyler Seguin So Far

By Tony Tranghese
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston media has lost their mind. I knew this was going to happen. We are approximately 20 games into the season and Loui Eriksson has four goals, while Tyler Seguin has scored 12 for the Dallas Stars.

He also scored four goals the other night, which ignited this debate. The argument to whether or not the Boston Bruins should have traded Seguin in the first place is irrelevant. He had off-ice issues. He just didn’t come across as being focused or being interested in being a well-rounded winger. I would have traded him too. You can’t judge a player solely based off of point production. If you could, then Seguin would still be in a Bruins jersey.

It’s true that most people don’t know anything about hockey. They stay focused on point production and players that are exciting. True hockey fans prefer wins over highlight plays and inconsistency. Eriksson has provided the Bruins with four goals, two of which came off parts of his body instead of his stick.

I would like to see more point production from Eriksson. He has been skating on a line with Patrice Bergeron, who is one of the best facilitators in the league. It would only make sense that Eriksson would have a few more goals and possibly a few more assists.

At the end of the day, wins and losses are the only thing that matters in Boston. Right now, the Bruins are 12-6-1. The Stars are currently 10-7-2 and in the bottom of the Western division. I’ll take sitting among the top of the Atlantic without a true goal scorer on the team. Teams win championships, while individuals win awards.

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