Do the Boston Bruins Need A 40-Goal Scorer?

By Tony Tranghese
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins still don’t have a proven goalscorer. The Bruins are winning games and sitting among the top teams in the Atlantic division. The only problem is the Bruins still lack that one true goalscorer.

I learned an interesting statistic yesterday. The Bruins ranked sixth in the league in goals last year. Their top goal scorer was Brad Marchand, and he ranked 43rd in the league. It is pretty amazing that a team can rank sixth in goals and not have a player in the top-40 with goals.

The Bruins have moved on from Tyler Seguin and Phil Kessel. It’s evident that the Bruins prefer team-orientated guys.  The Bruins made the Stanley cup Finals last year with this way of thinking. They even moved their biggest goal-scoring threat to the third line. It was clear that the Bruins wanted to win with defense and hard work. They were not going to get that if they kept Seguin with Patrice Bergeron.

Bergeron played the majority of games and that line was used as their top defensive line. There was no way that the Bruins were going to gamble with Seguin’s lackluster effort with the chance to win another Stanley Cup.

Milan Lucic leads the Bruins with eight goals. While the Bruins have always relied on multiple goalscorers to succeed, the fact that Lucic is leading the team is a bit concerning. I wrote earlier in the season that the Bruins didn’t need point production from Lucic. They needed hard work, grit, physical play, and they needed him to open up space for David Krejci and Jarome Iginla. He has done just that. I just don’t believe that the Bruins are going to win the Stanley Cup relying on Lucic to carry the goalscoring load.

If the Bruins can pick up an Iginla-caliber player in his prime at the trade deadline, it may help with the goalscoring and give them another threat come playoff time. The Bruins don’t need a 40-goal scorer. They need a guy who can score 25-30 who can play two-way hockey.

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