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5 Carolina Hurricanes Players Who Are Super Heroes

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5 Carolina Hurricanes Players Who Are Super Heroes

James Guillory - USA Today Sports

In 2011, the NHL embarked on what could easily be called the most idiotic marketing campaign in the history of not only the league, but all of organized professional sports. Ever.

Thinking that younger fans needed something to keep them watching hockey other than putting the games on television channels they actually had access to, the NHL introduced The Guardian Project. They had iconic comic book author Stan Lee create super heroes for each team with backstories based on the ... actually, it was pretty stupid. Just know that.

While Stan Lee is an undisputed genius, what he forgot to tell the league is that they already have super heroes. They're called “the players.”

Meanwhile ... back at PNC Arena, heroes have assembled to champion the cause of the Carolina Hurricanes and lead the forces of good into the fight of their season. Hopefully you just read that in a Saturday morning cartoon announcer's voice in your head, or else it came off pretty lame. Like The Guardian Project.

The Hurricanes have suddenly staged a comeback and are resurrecting their season previously in distress. Coming into November, Carolina had questions of even finishing the season intact, and are now in a position to make a serious run in the Metropolitan Division. While a team effort, there is a small Justice League within the group that have used their super powers for good and made the current turn-around possible.

Enough with the comic book references, here's the five super heroes of the Hurricanes that are rescuing the season.

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5: Manny "The Cat" Malhotra

James Guillory - USA Today Sports

Super Powers: Ultra-fast reflexes, Altered vision

Malhotra came to the Hurricanes in somewhat questionable circumstances, though he immediately proved his worth. His skills in the faceoff circle has created a boost to the team's overall playmaking abilities. While questions were abound regarding his season-ending eye injury from 2011-12, he's made phenomenal adjustments that have possibly improved his clutch performance and situational awareness.

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4: Radek "Rock Solid" Dvorak

James Guillory - USA Today Sports

Super Powers: Super fast healing, telepathy, super strength

It's not often a veteran with credentials like Dvorak has to fight for a roster spot in the preseason. That is precisely what he was forced to do, playing on a PTO contract in camp. Though Dvorak has been on and off the injured reserve, it's his veteran presence and hockey IQ that has raised the performance of everyone around him.

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3: Chris "The Kid" Terry

James Guillory - USA Today Sports

Super Power: Invisibility

Nobody anywhere saw this guy coming at all. After being called up from Charlotte in exchange for Elias Lindholm, Terry has been the ace up Carolina's sleeve. While opponents have planned for the top lines and big guns, it's moments like the shootout goal against the Anaheim Ducks that prove that he who ignores Terry, does so at his own peril.

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2: Nathan "Mister Dynamo" Gerbe

James Guillory - USA Today Sports

Super Powers: Super toughness, lack of fear, super speed

If it seems like all Hurricanes fans can talk about these days is "Nathan gosh-darn Gerbe", it's because he's the best kept secret in the NHL. Gerbe has single-handedly pulled the entire team up by their bootstraps and is leading the charge to the new era in Carolina. He seems invincible and fearless at the same time. Rarely afraid to ignore his small stature and get physical, having a seemingly 360-degree rink vision, and energy to spare -- Gerbe is the future.

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1: Justin "Cryptic Chameleon" Peters

James Guillory - USA Today Sports

Super Powers: Super steady nerves, future vision, super reflexes

Though his current tenure in Carolina got off to a shaky start, Peters has become a complete riddle to shooters across the league. While he comes off as an unassuming AHL replacement, the joke is on everyone else. Peters had a stellar performance in the last homestand and has shut down some of the top scoring teams in both conferences. Anyone who said they saw this coming from Peters is either a liar or Peter's own mother.