Cam Talbot Should Start Every Saturday, Second-Straight Shutout

By Steven Carollo
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Since rookie goaltender Cam Talbot was called up last month, he has played outstanding in between the pipes for the New York Rangers. So good is his play that I would even say he has outplayed starting goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, thus far in this early 2013-14 NHL regular season.

After last night’s 2-0 shutout at the Nashville Predators, Talbot is now 5-1 with a goals-against average under 1.60 and has now recorded back to back shutouts, with the first being last Saturday at the Montreal Canadiens.

Hey, maybe Talbot should start every Saturday from now on.

In all seriousness though, Talbot has been very good to great in every start so far this season, with the most goals he has allowed in one game being only two. Saturday might be his shutout day but his overall game has been great regardless of the day of the week.  His calm, cool, collected demeanor when he gets the starting nod is just amazing for a rookie goaltender.  Talbot always acts as if he is in total control and no player will get the puck by him, and for a young goaltender that is a great mindset to have if you want to have a very good career in this league.

With Lundqvist and now Talbot, the Rangers have a dangerous one-two punch protecting their net. Now the Blueshirts must figure out how to penetrate the other teams’ defenses and score goals on a consistent basis to give both Lundqvist and Talbot enough breathing room for them to do their thing and ensure the Rangers the win the two points.

Goalies can only do so much, and whatever that maximum level is, Talbot is playing to that right now.

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