Boston Bruins: 5 Forwards That Need To Produce More

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5 Boston Bruins Forwards That Need To Step Up

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The Boston Bruins need to get their forwards going. As the Bruins move through the remainder of the season, they need to start scoring more goals and putting teams away early. Their inability to start games is frustrating every Bruins fan in the world who watches these games. This team is young and talented. They play for each other, and they know how to navigate through adversity. Unfortunately, they keep creating adversity for themselves night in and night out. If its not the slow start that’s hurting them, it’s the fact that they can’t put teams away and end up having to finish the game in overtime or a shootout.

The Bruins have historically scored goals by committee. Last year, the Bruins' leading goalscorer was Brad Marchand. Marchand may have led the team in goals, but he ended up finishing 43rd in the league. That says a lot. League analysts say that the Bruins may have the deepest roster in hockey. They can throw four lines at you who can play with anyone. Someone on those four lines has to start scoring, and scoring in bunches.

The Bruins have the talent to have multiple 20-goal scorers. It’s not only goals that the Bruins need. They also need their playmakers to start making plays. Guys need to start feeding the puck and doing what they are good at. A team that has players like Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci should be able to put up assists in bunches. While the Bruins have played fine, it could always be better, and these are the guys that need to get going.

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5. Jarome Iginla

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Jarome Iginla was brought to Boston to provide goal scoring and be a presence on the power play. While his team play has been outstanding, the point production that fans expected just hasn't been there.

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4. Patrice Bergeron

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Last year, Patrice Bergeron,Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin were lethal together. While it was expected that it would take time for Bergeron to get acclimated to skating with Loui Eriksson, we are almost halfway through the season. It should have clicked by now.

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3. Brad Marchand

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Brad Marchand has been a shell of himself. The fire and intensity just isn't there this year. The Boston Bruins need him to produce. I sound like a broken record with Marchand this year, but he is that important to this team.

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2. David krejci

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David Krejci is starting to come around. He scored a big overtime goal but other than that, he has been quiet. Krejci is their best playmaker. He needs to get it going.

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1. Loui Erikssson

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Loui Eriksson isn't Tyler Seguin. He doesn't have the goal-scoring ability from the hash marks Seguin had. The Boston Bruins need him to produce though. He may not be Seguin, but he does have to come up with some of the points Seguin would have put up.

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