Colorado Avalanche Coach Patrick Roy Calls Out Ken Hitchcock

By Casey Drottar
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy has picked a fight with another NHL coach.

He certainly didn’t wait too long to make a name for himself in his rookie year behind the bench. His opening game resulted in a 6-1 rout of the Anaheim Ducks. However, it also involved an intense shouting match between Roy and Ducks star Corey Perry, as well as coach Bruce Boudreau. It became obvious from the get-go that Roy wasn’t afraid to lash out at coaches with much more experience than him.

Well, add a new name to Roy’s list of people he’s not exactly a fan of.

Last night, the Avs got beaten pretty soundly by the St. Louis Blues, losing 4-1. The game involved yet another goal from Blues stud Alex Steen, pushing his season total up to 20. But, after the game, Roy took notice of some members of the Blues coaching staff talking to various players and refs, an act he’s been called out for in the past. Roy was more than a little upset about what he thought was a little hypocritical, claiming Blues coach Ken Hitchcock is one of the coaches taking him to task.

“You know what, I was very mad at the end because I have been jabbed by different coaches around the league, especially Hitchcock when he said that was junior stuff, talking to players, talking to the referees,” said Roy. “But I saw a guy on the other side who was talking to players and then was also talking to the referee and got the referee (mad).”

“Seems to me that there’s different rules for everybody in this league. I guess the old guys are allowed to do whatever they want and I guess us, because we are younger, we are not allowed to say anything. I am a little (mad) about that.”

Roy certainly doesn’t seem to have any issue with ruffling the of feathers more experienced coaches. Nobody should be too surprised, as he wasn’t exactly known for his relaxed temper during his playing days with the Avalanche and Montreal Canadiens.

For what it’s worth, Hitchcock offered a not very subtle response to Roy’s claims.

“Oh, give me a break. Tell Patrick to shut the (expletive) up,” said Hitchcock.

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