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5 Best Chicago Blackhawks at Assists

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Chicago Blackhawks' Best Assist Players

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In the sport of ice hockey, it is obvious to even the most unobservant of viewers that scoring goals is the whole point of the game. That being said, it is pretty important to have players out on the ice who have the ability to put pucks in the back of the net.

But as is true in life, as is true with hockey and in life and in life there is no such things as a self-made man. I know what your thinking, and that this makes no sense when it comes to hockey, but follow me here: you cannot score a goal without an assist!

The importance of a good assist is slowly but surely becoming more and more evident with time. It's a lesson that takes time for all to learn. In any sport it is important to realize that one man (or woman) cannot carry a team, and you can rarely make your own assist.

The Chicago Blackhawks have a great all around squad, but more often than not we as sports fans focus on the one who makes the game winning goal and rarely capitalize on the talent behind the one(s) who make the shot possible in the first place.

That being said, here is a rank and file analysis of the 5 Chicago Blackhawks skaters who, so far this season, have been the best at assisting. While this may sound like a lame power ranking, it isn’t. Hockey needs brilliant assists in order to facilitate impressive goals.

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5. Jonathan Toews

Chicago Blackhawks
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Captain Serious has been lighting it up when it comes to scoring goals this season and is, thus far, the only on the team with a hat trick. But Toews has been great at being there to create a smooth pass for a teammate.

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4. Patrick Kane

Chicago Blackhawks
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Another notable player this season as far as goals are concerned is obviously Patrick Kane. He leads the team in goals this season, but still uses his dynamite puck handling skills to send passes where they need to be.

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3. Brent Seabrook

Chicago Blackhawks
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Brent Seabrook is the first, but not the last, defensemen to be mentioned on this list. He may not be capitalizing on this ability to score goals, as is true with a defensive position, he is still turning out goal scoring opportunities.

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2. Patrick Sharp

Chicago Blackhawks
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No surprise here, Patrick Sharp has been a key all around player this season. He scores at a fairly consistent pace and makes smart defensive moves. Therefore, it is no surprise that he makes the cut of being a great assister.

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1. Duncan Keith

Chicago Blackhawks
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The final defensive player to make this list is Duncan Keith. He only just recently scored his only recorded goal this season. He has, however, outscored his other teammates in regards to assists.