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5 Boston Bruins with Alarming Plus-Minus Ratings

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5 Boston Bruins with Alarming Plus-Minus Ratings

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The Boston Bruins have one of the best goal differentials in the NHL. They play a hard-nosed defensive style of hockey. The Bruins are notorious for their two-way hockey system where the goal is to turn defense into offense. If all works out to plan most of their goals will come off the counter attack. They play defense first, but the only problem is recently they have hung Tuukka Rask out to dry. The Bruins need to realize that relying on defense does not mean relying on your goaltender to save 40-plus shots a game.

While some Bruins have been an offensive surprise the plus-minus ratings have been alarming. For a team with a great goal differential you would expect some of the Bruins to have plus-minus ratings through the roof. After thumbing through the stats and looking at total points and plus-minus ratings a couple of things started to make sense. It was no longer a surprise that the Bruins were going into overtime and trying to finish games in shootouts. If the players' plus-minus ratings were higher the Bruins would be beating teams in regulation. These players are the guys that are logging the most amount of ice time, and they are the guys you would want out there in crucial situations.

Players who produce points are great. Every teams wants just that since you win games by scoring more goals than the other team. The problem is if you lack the ability to keep pucks out of your own net it doesn't do the team any good. We've learned a lot about some of the Bruins through 25 games, and they need to focus more on individual goal differential if they are going to try and win another Stanley Cup.

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5. Patrice Bergeron

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Patrice Bergeron has 11 points through 25 games and is a plus-six. Bergeron logs a lot of ice time both offensively and defensively. Even though he has a positive plus-minus your best defensive player should be around a plus-nine or ten through 25 games

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4. Carl Soderberg

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Carl Soderberg has 12 points and is a minus-one through 25 games. It's great that Soderberg is coming around and scoring points, but that doesn't do his team any good if he is a defensive liability. Soderberg gets a pass for now as it is his first full NHL season.

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3. Torey Krug

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Torey Krug has 15 points and is only a plus-five. He also logs a lot of ice time and is among league leaders in goals, but defense comes first. The plus-five is somewhat alarming when looking at his own personal goal differential.

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2. Reilly Smith

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Reilly Smith has 17 points and is a plus-four. For starters, when did Smith score 17 points? Secondly, how do you score 17 points and have a differential of plus-four? It's not good enough. Again thank you Smith for the points, but defense comes first.

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1. Zdeno Chara

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Zdeno Chara is logging too many minutes, and his plus-minus is starting to show it. Chara is a minus-three and only has nine points. The Boston Bruins need Chara to be the defensive rock that he was in years past. With the amount of ice he logs I would like to see him around plus three or four.