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5 Things the Detroit Red Wings Taught the NHL About the Boston Bruins

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5 Things the Detroit Red Wings Taught the NHL About the Boston Bruins

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It finally happened. The Boston Bruins finally played a team that capitalized on their lackluster start to games. The Bruins got beat up against the Detroit Red Wings as they were over-matched and outplayed by a Red Wings team that was missing both Pavel Datsyuk and Todd Bertuzzi. Every team is going to have a bad game here and there, but unfortunately the Bruins had a bad game that came against a rival team that is now in their conference.

The Red Wings were able to exploit the Bruins in ways no other team has been able to. They jumped out to a large lead and exploited the Bruins and their offensive troubles. The Bruins have proven they can play in tight games, but they have also proven that they can't play down by three or four goals. It’s actually incredibly painful to watch. The Bruins wait for the counter, cycle for awhile, and it's like nothing ever comes of it. The Bruins have too much talent not to put the puck in the net more often.

Their slow starts to games finally came back to haunt them. For once Tuukka Rask wasn’t their savior. He was unable to keep them in a game that they had no business winning, and I knew this was going to be an issue eventually. In the Bruins' last few games Rask was the backbone of the team. The Pittsburgh Penguins easily could have jumped out to a two or three goal lead and the New York Rangers had no business losing in a game in which they put up 43 shots.

The Bruins need to pick up their play in the first 20 minutes or they might as well not even bother showing up. The Red Wings just taught the league how to play the Bruins.

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5. Fourth Line Struggles

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The Boston Bruins have four solid lines, but when they are down by more than three goals the fourth line does not provide enough offensive firepower to get you back in to the game.

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4. Young Defensemen Lack Experience Playing From Behind

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Torey Krug has been great offensively, and he hasn't hurt the team with his defensive play. Krug is still learning to play in certain situations in the NHL, however, and playing in a game that's out of hand requires patience and composure. That's something Krug still needs to learn at the NHL level.

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3. Take Patrice Bergeron and the Second Line Out of the Game

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Patrice Bergeron has been quiet this year, and the Detroit Red Wings took him and second line out of the game. His line isn't producing the way it should, and if you can take them out of the game it puts you in an excellent spot to win

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2. The Boston Bruins Miss Veteran Presence on the Blue Line

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The Boston Bruins miss Dennis Seidenberg on the blue line. He is a veteran that can calm things down and stop the bleeding. The Detroit Red Wings went into attack mode and rode the momentum to six unanswered goals. A veteran presence would have been able to calm the young guys down and help them keep their composure.

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1. Tuukka Rask Cannot Carry the Boston Bruins Every Night

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Tuukka Rask can't make 40 saves every night. The Detroit Red Wings got to him early. He can't be expected to keep the Boston Bruins in games until they decide they want to play. Rask is going to get burned out, and if he does it's going to be a very long second half of the season.