New Jersey Devils Should Ride Cory Schneider Going Forward

By Nick Villano
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The New Jersey Devils are coming off of three straight losses after losing to the Carolina Hurricanes on Wednesday night. That makes it three losses in a row for Martin Brodeur.

Don’t get me wrong, those losses weren’t at all Brodeur’s fault, but the fact of the matter is Cory Schneider has been just as good this season. He spoke about his frustration yesterday before the Devils game and said he feels like it is “Groundhog Day”. That is bad news for the Devils, who have already pegged Schneider the goalie of the future, but only have him signed for this year and next year.

The Devils need to get Schneider on a long-term deal. The only way they can accomplish that is to show him that this is a good situation for him. If he thinks that the team will not go 100 percent with him, then he might check his options elsewhere. He is already dealing with a team that doesn’t seem to play well when he is between the pipes, and now he has to deal with inconsistent play time on top of that?

I hate to say it, but if this continues, the Devils will be severely mismanaging this situation.

Peter DeBoer was clearly going with the hot hand of Brodeur for the past month. Brodeur has played nine games this month while Schneider has only played in four. It is understandable seeing that the Devils clawed their way back to contention behind Brodeur’s stellar play, but Schneider has better statistics than Brodeur outside of wins. He is sporting a .925 save percentage against Brodeur’s .910. He has a 1.87 GAA, which is better than Brodeur’s 2.19. Schneider is actually third in the NHL in GAA.

You want this guy for the long haul. You want him to sign a team-friendly deal. The only way the Devils can get him to sign with them prior to his contract ending is to show him that he is the future and the present to this franchise. Schneider is just looking for a chance to be the main guy on a team. He knew that Brodeur is only going to be here for so long, but that doesn’t mean he still wants to watch his team lose from the bench.

Play the hot hand by all means, but if losses come, then the team should at least be losing with the future of this team on the ice.

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