Boston Bruins' Penalty Killing is Essential to Success

By Tony Tranghese
Bob DeChiara- USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins penalty kill continues to be essential to their success. The Bruins killed five penalties against the New York Rangers. When your penalty kill is on, it allows you to play freely and you don’t have to worry about taking a reckless penalty.

The Bruins are a fairly disciplined team. They play hard along the boards with the mentality of the Big Bad Bruins of the past. They are able to do this solely because they are so good at killing penalties.

When you can afford to take a penalty, it allows you to play with a mentality other teams can’t. When Zdeno Chara takes a roughing penalty, he knows his team is going to be able to kill the penalty and possibly gain momentum. Nothing gets fans in Boston more excited than a good scrum. When you can risk taking an instigator penalty, it’s that much more effective and much more important for the team.

If the Bruins were a poor penalty killing team, you would see players going into corners at 75 percent. They would be afraid to clear guys out in front of the net and would essentially be labelled a soft team. There are so many teams in the NHL are already labelled soft. This is what separates the Bruins from teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Bruins will get down and dirty because they know it won’t hurt them.

As long as the Bruins continue to kill penalties, look for them to push teams to their breaking point. If they are able to get under their opponent’s skin, they are in for a long night. That’s when the Bruins are at their best.

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