Philadelphia Flyers' Player of The Week: Sean Couturier

By Deanna Vasso
sean couturier-flyer of the week
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers did not have the most successful week as they split their four games. The tail end of their games last week were good. Due to his performance in them, Sean Couturier is the Player of the Week.

Giving the title to Coots may seem a bit unexpected, but the young player has seen an up in his performance in the past couple of games. With Scott Hartnell‘s goal early in their game against the Winnipeg Jets, Coots was able to turn it around by scoring a second goal, which was all they needed to win the game. It was not only that he scored the goal, but because it displayed his strength on the penalty kill, as this was a shorthanded goal.

Coots was again present on the scoreboard in the Flyers game against the Nashville Predators on Saturday. The team struggled in this game, despite a goal early on from captain Claude Giroux. Coots pulled through in this game, by scoring the goal the team needed to tie and head into an overtime period.

His performance in the past two games is a good sign for the young guy who came out strong in his rookie year, but has struggled to produce since then. Patience is a virtue, and it’s definitely something that the Flyers need to use when it comes to Coots. He does have these little moments where he really shows his worth, and it is proof that down the line he will be a key factor to the Flyers future.

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