7-Game Circus Trip was Good for the Chicago Blackhawks

By Kelsey Meyer
Chicago Blackhawks
Jerome Miron- USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks are fresh off of their annual seven-game circus trip in which they faced a variety of teams in terms of their skill level. But most importantly they played all of these games out on the road and have been away from the United Center in Chicago.

The trip got off to a rough start as the Hawks suffered a 5-1 loss at the hands of the Colorado Avalanche. This was the first time the Hawks managed to not score at least two goals throughout the course of a game.

The rocky start in Colorado seemed enough to state that the duration of the trip would be just as rough, but the Hawks managed to pull through and finish the trip 6-1.

Towards the end of the trip the Blackhawks obviously began to show signs of weakness, as would any team. Being out on the road for so long without a game at home to break up the intensity is going to be tiring.

Despite the intensity that was brought on by this trip, it was a necessity for Chicago. The Blackhawks have been at or towards the top of the NHL standings for some time now. I say this because they do not always play at the level they are able to which makes it pretty hard to defend the Stanley Cup.

This past trip was a sort of wake-up call for the team to show them how important it is to skate at their very best each and every time they are out on the ice. The trip showed the hockey world that even though they may have been worn out from a long show away from home they can still pull through and be victorious.

The heavy-handed loss in Colorado was something I do not think anyone within the Blackhawks organization is going to want to repeat. This much was evident in the success of the rest of the trip. Hopefully, the victory found out on the road will be beacon to the team for the remainder of the season.

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