NHL Preview: Philadelphia Flyers At Detroit Red Wings

By Deanna Vasso
flyers vs red wings
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The Philadelphia Flyers will try to make up for Monday night’s loss at the hands of the Minnesota Wild, as they continue their road trip by visiting the Detroit Red Wings on Wednesday.

It’s hard to believe, but the Red Wings are actually going to be a really important team for the Flyers to beat this year. Not because they are a pretty good team, but because now they play in the Eastern Conference. Before, being on top in the Western Conference, the Red Wings weren’t that big of a threat to the Flyers, but this season that is all changing.

Wednesday will be the second game that the teams will face off against each other, and since the Flyers lost their first game they will be trying really hard to make the rematch worth while. Although the Flyers have seen a surge in their offense in their last 11 games, their loss on Monday was reminiscent of the mistakes they were making earlier this season. To put it simply, the offense needs to be shooting at the net more so they can actually get the puck behind the opposing goalie. On Monday, the team struggled to do that, and as they head into a six-game road trip they need to be aware of that.

Bad news for the Flyers is that Vincent Lecavalier still might not be on the ice come Wednesday. He missed Monday’s game due to back spasms. The Red Wings face similar front line injury issues as Henrik Zetterberg will be out for quite some time with a herniated disk in his back.

Claude Giroux has captained his team well, even during their slump, so expect him to be really active on the ice. For the Red Wings Daniel Alfredsson has been great since returning from injury, so the Flyers need to watch out for him.

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