Philadelphia Flyers' Steve Downie-Sean Couturier-Matt Read Line Heats Up

By Deanna Vasso
couturier-read-downie line heats up
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The Philadelphia Flyers‘ 6-3 victory over the Detroit Red Wings was one of those classic hockey games. It’s one of those games that shows fans why we watch this sport and root for this team. Because in hockey, playing a full 60 minutes is what counts. The Flyers know that from both ends of the spectrum, but they saw the positive side of that on Wednesday night. One of the reasons why was because of a particular line that really brought it together on the ice.

I named Sean Couturier the player of last week for a reason, and he really showed why he deserved that honor on Wednesday. Couturier came out as an All-Star after Wednesday night’s game with two goals and two assists under his belt. He definitely helped to be one of the game-changers by scoring the fourth goal in the third period that gave the Flyers the lead. This may be the most action we have seen of him since his rookie season.

But it is not just Couturier who has been heating up for the Flyers’ offense. His linemates Steve Downie and Matt Read have also been posting up points.

Read is always pretty good and looks like he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves from the team. It’s no surprise that he was also in the thick of it immediately after coming off a minor injury. As for Downie, his fate with the Flyers did not start off well, and a lot of fans were really upset to see Max Talbot leave.

After immediately getting a concussion, Downie returned to the ice and starting doing well. He has been a huge help to Couturier on his line with assisting the center to the net. Downie only scored one goal with the Flyers so far, but he has been very influential as an effective passer.

These three played a strong game together and even meshed well when the lines were switched up a bit. This is a line that Craig Berube needs to seriously consider keeping, because they showed on Wednesday why it is working so well.

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