Alain Vigneault Must Take Taylor Pyatt Off Of Third Line

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Taylor Pyatt
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers are coming off a lackluster win against the Buffalo Sabres last night. After a win, you rarely see a coach change their lineup, but Alain Vigneault has to consider one change. Taylor Pyatt needs to be taken off the third line for this team.

Pyatt is without a doubt the slowest player on the Rangers roster. He provides little grit. He doesn’t drop the gloves to fight, and he is not a goalscorer. He is basically just taking up a roster spot. He definitely does not deserve to be playing with two talented players like Derick Brassard and Carl Hagelin. Those two players thrive on speed and creativity, two attributes that Pyatt does not posses.

It is time for the Rangers to realize that Pyatt is not a player that makes this team better. He gets caught puck watching too much and leaves the points wide open. He is too slow to get into the shooting lanes and rarely blocks shots. This is one of the main reasons you don’t see him on the penalty kill anymore.

There is obviously a spot for Pyatt in the NHL, but I don’t think he fits in well with this Rangers team. Vigneault has preached an uptempo style all season long, and Pyatt can’t function in that style. He is one of the most frustrating Rangers to watch and really brings little to the table.

Vigneault is not going to change lines after a win, but he should really consider taking Pyatt off this line. He should either be on the fourth line or be a healthy scratch for the Rangers.

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