The New York Rangers Need A Shakeup

By Steven Carollo
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about you, but even though the New York Rangers beat the lowly Buffalo Sabres 3-1 last night I was frankly perturbed at the lack of effort shown.

A win is a win and two points is two points, I get that, but in the NHL you never play down to your opponents and I felt the Rangers didn’t take the Sabres seriously.

Hands down it was the most boring game of the year.   Outside of Rick Nash, no other Rangers’ skater actually skated. In the first game after Henrik Lundqvist signed a new long-term deal the Rangers repay him by playing uninspired hockey in front of him.  Once again Lundqvist had to make save after save to keep the Rangers in the game.  Not only does Hank have to be sick of it, but I am as well.

In my opinion Rangers management has to act and act now to get a gritty scoring forward and a defenseman with a slap shot from blue line.  If the Rangers make no moves then sadly the fans will just have to watch this team rotate wins and losses for the rest of the season.

You can tell me all you want until you are blue in the face that the Rangers have top talent and are just going through a rough patch, but I have seen enough of this team over the years to know that these group of players are no better than a .500.  In my book, any team that is consistently inconsistent and plays down to their opponent raises a red flag.

Any time you have to seriously question whether the Rangers want it or not it is time to make some changes.  It’s time for the Rangers to make a few moves and shake things up or they will find themselves on the outside looking in come spring time.

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