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5 New York Rangers Who Need To Snap Out Of Their Funk Now

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5 New York Rangers Who Need To Snap Out Of Their Funk Now

5 New York Rangers Who Need To Snap Out Of Their Funk Now
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The New York Rangers have been floating around .500 for the longest time and just cannot seem to get over that mediocre hump.

The reason for this average first few months for the Rangers is due to so many players on this team underachieving. Granted, they are learning a new system under new head coach Alain Vigneault, but it is now December, and with a long home stand, it is time to start seeing results.

The Rangers are a team that thinks they can compete for a Stanley Cup this 2013-14 NHL season, but the last time I checked, not many .500 teams win the Stanley Cup, or even make the playoffs at that.

It is very important for the newly seven-year-extended Henrik Lundqvist to be on his game in order to give the Rangers a chance to win, but a goaltender, no matter how good or great, can only do so much for his team. Unfortunately, if you are a goalie you have to rely on your teammates to give you goal support, which the Rangers have failed to do consistently all season, and for the past few seasons as well.

Not only do goaltenders need offensive support but also defensive. I've noticed the Rangers have been allowing way too many prime scoring chances and odd man rushes, and once again, no matter how good a goalie you are, that many scoring opportunities will leave you out to dry.

These five not only have to snap out of their funks, and fast, for Lundqvist, but also for the Rangers as a whole.

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5. Carl Hagelin

Carl Hagelin
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When Carl Hagelin came back from offseason shoulder surgery, his impact on the team was immediate. He was using his speed and creating offense. Lately, however, not so much.

His stats are good, five goals and six assists, but lately Hagelin has been slumping. He just hasn't looked as fast and energetic as normal. Hagelin needs to up his game, use his speed and break out of his current funk in order to help the Rangers score goals and win games.

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4. John Moore

John Moore
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

When the Rangers got John Moore at the trade deadline last season, his offensive skill for a defenseman was impressive. Unfortunately this season so far, he has failed to be consistently aggressive and has had mental lapses defensively in the Rangers' end zone resulting in turning the puck over and forcing Vigneault to scratch him twice already this season.

Moore has to get back to how he was playing at the end of last season because right now two goals and three assists just won't cut it. If not, then maybe Michael Del Zotto is not so expendable as we all thought.

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3. Derick Brassard

Derick Brassard
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Derick Brassard became one of the Rangers top players by the end of last season after the team acquired him at the trade deadline. His playmaking ability was similar to Brad Richards in his prime and his sneaky wrist shot also tallied up some goals.

This year, however, Brassard is back to his old draft-bust self and is becoming quite invisible out there on the ice. Brassard needs to snap out of this funk and start producing like last season, not only for the Rangers' sake, but for his sake as well. The potential for Brassard is sky-high, but the reality has been grounded.

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2. Dan Girardi

Dan Girardi
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers are a team that prides themselves on their defense and over the years, Dan Girardi has been a big part of that.

Toward the end of last season, however, Girardi looked burnt out and his game started to slip. This season, his game has slipped even more, leading many to believe the Girardi just cannot play in Vigneault's uptempo system. Girardi, who is a defensive defenseman, will definitely draw a lot of outside interest from defensively-challenged teams and if he does not turn his season around fast, Girardi maybe playing with another team by the end of this season, especially since he is a unrestricted free agent next year.

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1. Marc Staal

Marc Staal
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

There were so many question marks coming into this year for the Rangers, but arguably none bigger than how Marc Staal was going to produce after his horrific eye injury that he suffered last season.

Staal started off the preseason so great and even scored in the Rangers opener, making everyone believe that he may be back and better than ever. However, since opening night, Staal has noticeably regressed. So much to the point that the once best defensive defeseman on the Rangers is now a defensive liability. Uncharacteristically Staal is turning the puck over and looking awfully slow out there. The best thing I think the Rangers could do is sit Staal for a few games to let him rest and regroup. The Rangers need Staal to be near his old self in order to have a successful season, so it is very important for this Ranger especially to snap out of his funk.

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