Lack of Killer Instinct Plagues New York Rangers

By Steven Carollo
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils is always an exciting game just because of how much these two teams and fan bases hate each other, and last night proved to be no different, even though I did not like the final outcome.

Early in the game though it looked as if the Rangers were going to snap their losing streak against the Devils by jumping out to a 2-0 lead but unfortunately there are 3 periods in a game and not 2, otherwise the Rangers would have won.

The final score was 4-3 Devils in overtime.

The momentum started to change after a controversial kicking motion goal by the Devils in the second period and some would say this is why the Rangers lost.

I completely disagree. By now you know I do not make any excuses. Even after that “controversial” goal, the Rangers were still winning 2-1 but still managed to blow the lead and even had to score in the final minute of the game to tie the Devils in order to force overtime.

The reason why the Rangers lost last night against the Devils is simple. This Rangers team has zero killer instinct.

Talent alone does not win games, and the Rangers do not have much of that either outside of a few players but that is another story. You cannot teach instinct. It is something that is ingrained inside of you. When the Rangers have a multiple-goal lead they do not continue to attack and instead sit back and just assume they will hold on to win the game.

No Stanley Cup contending team plays like that. They all have the desire to score more. They all know that no game is safe and you have to continue to be on the attack and put games away in order to seal the deal for a win and two points. The Rangers are far, and I mean far, from being a Stanley Cup contender. However, at least they lost last night in overtime for once and got a point.

Playing .500 hockey with high expectations is not good enough, but what do you expect from a James Dolan and Glen Sather run team?

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